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national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 6:30 on your side. >> on this hour there nearly additional -- a million additional visitors to see the swearing-in of president obama. it was held earlier today. the big show really is tomorrow. we have a team coverage. we're going to kick things off with richard we'reeve. >> traffic will be an issue tomorrow. it is already an issue tonight.
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we are at seventh and constitution. it is a parking lot from seventh street down to the capital. tomorrow will be a historic day. there will also be traffic issues. on the sunny and warm capital sunday - barack obama, do solemnly swear -- >> took the oath. >> so help me god. >> theinauguration watchers are hitting the mall to get an advanced look pro i be able to tell my grandchildren about it. >> vice president joe biden was also sworn in at his residence. both mr. obama and the vice president attended a solemn ceremony for the nation's
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falling soldiers at arlington national ceremony. honor, tradition, and this year some added history. >> it is special because of the combination of manti te'martin luther king jr. day and the inauguration. >> depressed and will place his hand on two bibles -- the president will place his hand on two and bibles. abraham lincoln's, and mlk's. >> we can do anything we want to do. >> a very emotional day. expect even bigger crowds tomorrow a ports of 800,000 people. traffic will be an issue. -- upwards of 800,000 people. traffic will be an issue.
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get here as early as possible. live in northwest, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the president will take the oath using a bible once owned by dr. king on the very day the country marks the civil rights' speaker's birthday. >> a democracy by way of inauguration. remembering king is one of those americans who helped the democracy. >> martin luther king teh third. cameras ever were capturing the moment. -- were there capturing the moment. >> there were people of all races, all nationalities holding hands. >> that day she purchased this metal. today, she wore it.
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>> it is a dream that is deeply rooted in the american dream. >> she is here from virginia. she can to president obama's first inauguration and could not miss this one. >> the second one is just as memorable and historic. >> she would like to think it is the hand of god that allowed the presidential inauguration and this day to fall on teh same day. >> it is a historic event. we are thrilled to be here. >> it was her first time at kings memorial, an important site she said, especially for her kids and future generations. >> this is very emotional.
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i live long enough to see this. >> the memorial, the inauguration -- a pledge of people old enough to remember the struggles -- plenty of people enough to remember the struggles. >> he will be using king's bible along with lincoln's bible. live in the newsroom, hatzel belloc, abc 7 news -- hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >> this is the same church where a pre-inaugural prayer service was held for former president bill clinton. at today's service, the congregation reportedly saying happy birthday to the first lady, who turned 49 on thursday. metro is getting ready for the anticipated crowds tomorrow. it will have more officers on patrol. 150 officers across the country signed official papers.
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it will help metros transit police force with crowd management and security. getting around the district tomorrow will be challenging. a number of changes will go into effect. the memorial bridge will be the only bridge closed to vehicles. taking a cab will be a bit more expensive. the d.c. taxi commission authorized a $1 fee hike for each additional passenger that gets in tomorrow from 4:00 a.m. until midnight. we will have all the road closures and metro changes the will be in effect on our web site before you head out the door for the ceremony, the parade, or one of the balls, you will want to know how to dress. >> after the treat we had today with temperatures in the lower 60's, big changes are on the way. inauguration day forecast from
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the belfort furniture weather center. starting off today in the 20's. will eventually rebound into the upper 30's -- starting off the day in the 20's. we will eventually rebound into the upper 30's. full details and the 70 forecast coming up. >> -- seven-day forecast coming up. >> will show you some of the balls that are taking place on this inauguration eve. tomorrow will get things started on "good morning washington" at 4:30 in the morning. the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a teenager in prince george's county. police say 15-year-old marcus jones was shot shortly after midnight. investigators say he had just attended a birthday party on webster lane, and as he walked to his car, shots rang out. >> i heard three shots.
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i started coming to the door and i heard a fourth shot. >> police say the sugar walked away. there are following up on a number of leads and hoping to -- shooter walk away. -- walked away. they are following up on a number of leads. d.c. police officers shot and killed two dogs that allegedly attacked a dog at 8 and sheridan street. --cote child at 8th and sheridan street -- child at 8th and sheridan street. oolites briefly went out at bwi airport. the power outage happened and caused brief delays. it is not clear what caused the power outage. an electrifying night for the baltimore ravens. the team is playing the patriots. whichever team will face off
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with the 49ers at the super bowl. britt mchenry is in foxboro and caught up with some raven's fans. >> , you can expect a fiery matchup on the field. this could be ray lewis's last game. the ravens lost here last year. wheneven with a two carry-on limits, she still managed to bring all of her ravens gear. an action figure of the player who inspired her love of the ravens. >> i watched ray lewis since college. >> prepared and proud. >> you will see me in the stands. this is my get up.
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>> great louis is not going out. he has one more game left. -- ray lewis is not going out. he has won more games left. >> welcome to ray lewis's retirement party. >> believing in this year's rematch, the stars are lined and shining pebble. -- aligned and shining purple. >> this is retribution. >> we will tell you about a special distinction coming up with more in-depth coverage. gillette stadium, but mchenry abc 7 news. >> troubling information coming to light out of that algerian
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hostage situation. what investigators found today while they were looking for explosives. also ahead, who manti te'o has decided to give his first on- camera interview to.
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>> the death toll from the bloody terrorist seen in algeria has risen to 81. one of the hostages talk about how it all started. >> baster to should the security guards. -- they start to shoot the security guards. >> alter reinforces who were searching the complex for explosives found 20 more bodies today. the white house says it will work with the algerian government to understand how this all took place. manti te'o will give his first
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interview to give the court. they will talk about the hoax perpetrated by the notre dame linebacker. starting at 4:00 p.m., you can watch this on abc 7. barbara walters is in the hospital here tonight. she felt a pre-inauguration party hosted by the british ambassador -- she fell at a pre- inauguration party hosted by the british ambassador. abc is not saying when walters will be released from hospital. a big day tomorrow. it will be a
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>> everyone is thinking to themselves is this how it always is?
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look outside right now. we have partly cloudy skies. our cold front has moved on. temperature at 50 degrees at reagan national airport. winds out of the northwest at 18 giving as a potential factor of the middle for the's. -- 40's. made up to 61 degrees in bristol. off to the west of us, at 27 in oakland. if you expand the view out, you can see were the second cold front is located. it has already moved through chicago and detroit. that is only the first half of the story. the temperature change, the 24- hour temperature change compared to this time yesterday about 25 degrees colder for chicago indianapolis detroit pittsburgh. this is what is on the way later
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afternoon tomorrow. this is where the cold air is located. wind chill factors close to 35 to 40 below. a definite change in air masses. it will feel they difference for the bay. tomorrow that cold front, the second cold front will arrive late afternoon. high temperatures should be just around 40 degrees around 1:00 2:00. as we move to a late afternoon hours into the evening temperatures will fall. snow showers will develop. we may see a little bit of a light dusting. nothing that is going to add up to a whole lot. this model projects temperatures only in the teens to low or 20's. with wind chill factors making
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it feel like 10 to 15 degrees. inauguration day, martin luther king day, at temperatures around 37 to 42 degrees. snow showers are likely to develop. the extended outlook shows temperatures only in the 20's tuesday and wednesday. these are highs. nighttime lows in the teens. single digits in the mountains. a wintry mix on friday. >> tuesday, get out of your. >> championship weekend. ravens are playing the patriots. the niners were certainly worth the watch.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> championship weekend in the nfl. that is corporate mchenry is. the tension is palpable in foxboro. give us the latest. >> and a lot of the talk here has centered around ray lewis. it could be his last game in a 17-year career. another spotlight is shining and the quarterback. he entered the league in 2008 and leads all quarterbacks with the most wins. 61. tom brady has tried to become the first quarterback in league history to go to the super bowl six times following a win tonight. we will have more coverage at 11.
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>> 49ers and falcons in the georgia dome. matt ryan came out and fired. touchdown in the first half. julio jones makes his 17 dip atlanta. forty-niners can runback fourth quarter. -- came running back fourth quarter. falcons were unable to answer. ryan to roddy white. ball game, over and out. forty-niners are going to the super bowl. where are you going to watch the raven's game? >> and were i can. -- anywhere i can. go ravens. thanks a lot. >> hardball versus hardball. for basketball fans, the wizards are 8 and 30.
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we will pick it up in the second quarter. clippers led by 7 1/2. wizards' down five in the fourth quarter. wizards' within two. 85-83. paul hit the jumper. 22-11 assist. they travel to portland to face the blazers. roosevelt jones puts up the shot. butler wynn said. -- wins it. bring on the fence. -- fans. here they come. baltimore manager earl weaver died. earl was intense, good natured
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and a baseball legend. >> a wonderful tribute, but
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>> today was a treat. do not be deceived. tomorrow, and temperatures around 40 degrees. tuesday are wednesday, florida looking really good. temperatures only in the 20's, nighttime lows in the team'sthe teens. middle 30's on friday. chance for a wintry mix. tomorrow afternoon from 12:00 to 3:00 the second cold front will
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move through. don't be surprised if there is snow showers and a light dusting of snow. crux of the inaugural
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